In “The City”

This past weekend, Big D. and I went to visit Nick in the city.  It’s funny.  It’s always been: We’re going “into the city, up to the city ” or we are “in the city”. Like NYC is the only city in the USA.  My family does not refer to Philadelphia as the “city’.  We always go “to Philly”.  I wonder if other communities around big cities refer to their city as “the city”.

Nick has been in his apartment for just about one year and he has been slowly ticking off “tourist” destinations that he wants to visit.  He happened to mention that he was heading to Katz’s deli after our visit was over.  Little did he realize that our visit just extended itself to include a trip to SoHo for pastrami sandwiches.

I know you all have been to Katz’s deli even if you live clear across the country.  How do I know this?  Have you ever seen the movie When Harry Met Sally?   YEEESSSS  THAT DELI!  I must confess – I never saw the movie.  Shhhhh.  Don’t tell.

I hope if you ever find yourself “in the city”, you visit Katz’s Deli.  Don’t forget to order “what she had”.




IMAX and Sewing Mechanics

I find sewing no matter where I go.  I’m like the loop part of the Velcro and sewing things just come to me.

Big D. and I went to see Dunkirk at the IMAX theatre in the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia (the movie was amazing… a must see). If you haven’t been to IMAX this is one of those movies that is just awesome in that theatre.  But, I digress.  We were in the gift shop and I looked out the window into the adjoining exhibit and what did I see??  A Sewing Machine! We “happened to” find our way into the engineering exhibit to find mechanical engineering explained via a sewing machine.  I was elated.  I could not believe it.  Teaching engineering by showing how a sewing machine works.

My photography isn’t the best with the light reflection on some of the pictures.   As you went through the exhibit, each concept of mechanical engineering was explained via this  poster display (along with other related objects – but we all know which one was the most important.  It was sooo super cool.  I wonder if I had seen this as a high school student would my career path been altered?

Anyway, they had a small display on how the first sewing machines caused a revolt and the most beautiful treadle machine.  The things you find when you are going to the movies.

So, no matter where you go, there is always sewing! Where have you unexpectedly come across a sewing/quilt related item/theme while doing something else?



An Odyssey of Chocolate

The Sweetest Place on Earth is truly the sweetest place and the fact the Quilt Odyssey is held there makes it even sweeter!

Enter a caption

This year I did not register for any workshops but that did not stop me from traveling to Hershey and look at all the magnificent quilts and of course Merchant’s Mall.  There was a special exhibit of Bonnie Hunter’s quilts, many of which I have seen before, and antique quilts.  Michaela remarked after viewing the antiques that what I do is “cheating”.  Cheating?!  Well, those women made such stunning quilts and bed coverings without good light, pre-made temples and patterns, and cumbersome scissors and needles , I guess she is somewhat right.

I didn’t take any pictures of the quilts this year, I’m sorry…I’ll make it up to you somehow.  When I go to a quilt show I cant think how my quilts are so inadequate in comparison to these works of art. But that is exactly what some are.  I’ts like going to a museum and looking at beautiful paintings.  If you get a chance to attend any quilt show or exhibit, do so. They are just so inspiring.


A New Museum

I have waited for three years for the Museum of the American Revolution to open and I have to acknowledge that my expectations were set amongst the cosmos.  So when Big D. and I finally arranged a day to visit, I was ready.

The building is beautiful and the staircase leading upstairs is spectacular with a painting of George Washington in front of his field tent. The tent is the museum’s prize possession and the museum has built a theatre telling the story of the famed canvas.  IMG_0934.PNGThe screen lifted  and I was able to view the tent -from my theatre seat behind glass.  The only thing holding me back from jumping out of my seat and putting my nose on that glass was Big D’s grasp on my belt loop. When I go to a museum I want to view the objects, get a feeling from them, absorb their history.  This was not so with George’s tent.  I was denied the opportunity to hunt for the embroidery that the video explained and to view the inside of the tent because the flaps were closed. I was not given the chance to peek inside and imagine what it would have been like for George to be in that tent talking strategy with other leaders of the cause.

We continued through and the museum and the building and galleries are just so wonderful and really time fitting. The artifacts are given care and thought in their displays, but here is where it gets dicey for me.  I have read that the approach of the museum is based on science museums in as that science museums ask questions and the M*AR wanted the visitor to ask questions.  I don’t think a history museum should expect visitors to ask questions but rather create dialogue and discussion about the artifact or event.  I have to say, this museum disappointed.  I feel it left out the flavor of what these men and women were trying to achieve , at what cost, and what was the driving force. Philadelphia has some of the country’s elite universities and colleges right in in it’s backyard.  Grab a history major, dress him/her in colonial wear and have them engage with the visitors about the artifacts and events of the times.

The Bluecadet agency did a spectacular job with the interactive media experiences which are dispersed throughout the exhibits.  However, I want to see the real thing.  I want to be able to see the calligrapher’s own handwriting. Understanding artifacts are rare and fragile, but so is the Mona Lisa in the Louve.  I get to see her, however not the documents presented in the immersive galleries.

I do think this is a museum is a must see, but enter with some trepidation.  The museum tells an abridged story, but a story nonetheless that needs to be told and remembered.  It is young, just like our nation, and I have nothing but hope that M*AR will add to it’s visitors experiences. You can check out the museums website Here.



Hidden Rune of Fall


For me,Labor Day is always the “unofficial” end to summer. School has started and I’m in the full swing in the health office. I was able to squeeze one or two sewing projects this past week but now with the beginning of school all bets are now off- at least for a while. The weather here in Central NJ has been fantastic. In fact, we have been experiencing above average temperatures and beautiful sunshine. Who says summer has to end?? So when I was out for my morning walk, I was dispirited when I saw this small branch of my neighbor’s tree peeking out in a beautiful shade of red. The rest of the tree is still a brilliant green, just this one small reminder that fall is around the corner.

My sister and brother-in-law are on their way with lobster tails from the market and I have to get the rest of our Labor Day Barbecue together. Somehow she always gets the easier part of the party.

Happy and Safe Labor Day Celebrations.


Summer Fun

The kids are either at school or finishing up their summer jobs and that means the house is nice and quiet. The weather here in Central NJ could not be any more picture perfect and you know what that means….Al Fresco sewing. I am working on a super sweet quilt “Hang to Dry” from Jeanne Large and Shelly Wicks book Here Comes Winter. I rarely buy books because, let’s face it there is usually only one project that interests me and I struggle to justify spending $25-$35 dollars for a book. However THIS book has lots of projects that I can see making. One is more cute than the other.


I was just informed by my quality control officer that I should stop chatting and get back to work while the weather is beautiful and that is just what I’m going to do.




July has been jammed packed with NASN’s conference, working, and Quilt Odyssey that this is the first time I had a chance to enjoy summer vacation. My daughter insisted I join her and sometimes, well, you need that extra little push – or in my case…shove 🙂 It was just the therapy I needed after the past few weeks of continuous running. My finger adds to the authenticity of the picture…don’t you think?