I’m Already Falling Behind…

So by now you know I am participating in Lori Holt’s Bee Happy Sew-Along This week in preparation she has posted the cherries and bees blocks.  I was so excited last week that I was on task and keeping up (it must be said that Lori has posted that she knows everyone sews and different rates and not everyone’s schedule allows them to sew all day or even every day, however there is a schedule…and…well, I’ll end my thought here).

Bee Happy Sew-Along Schedule







When school starts I don’t know how on earth I am going to keep up.  I will try. The cherry block are soo sweet, but they took me all morning and they are really not even done.  I still have to appliqué the pieces on (insert heavy sigh here) so they look a little wonky in the picture.

I know not all the material is from the Bee Happy collection. I’m improvising with some of my 30’s repo’s. I makes it more of my own.

On Task

Lori Holt’s Bee Happy Sew-Along is just about to get on the way.  She has posted “Be Prepared” instructions for anyone loving this sweet quilt to get a head start.  I am taking full advantage of her organization and have started constructing the flag and pinwheels. IMG_0960.JPGLori might be organized, but take a look at my cutting table….Yikes!  The pile of dark scraps are leftovers and I have found the perfect project for them, if I can add about 10 hours to my day.

I’ve got to say, this is the first time I am actually not behind in a sew-along or class.  We still have plenty of time and she is posting again tomorrow.  You have plenty of time to get in on the action. Visit her blog at Bee In My Bonnet and join in on the fun.


I’m taking advantage of  a typical August day in New Jersey – Hazy, Hot, and Humid by finishing up my Black Cats and Pumpkins quilt.  I constructed the 36 – 6″ star squares last night during Sew What and spent th

Section 1 of 4 

is morning assembling the quilt.  It is copy of a quilt I found on Pinterest (Oy… Pinterest.  Enough said). I used Lori Holt’s patterns for the pumpkins and Stars from her Vintage Farm Girl book and downloaded her pattern for the cat from her blog – Bee In My Bonnet.




I add a 1/8” stay stitch around the circumference of my quilts before I quilt them or send them off to be quilted on the long arm. This is something new I have just added into my quilting regime. Chris – my long arm guru – took me that it keeps the quilt from distorting when on the frame.  So I do it.

I haven’t decided to add borders or not.  The original pin has – what I think – is a 2″ inner border and maybe a 4″ or a 5″ outer border.  Here is it  without any borders. What do you think? To border or not to border?

The bottom left large square photos as if it has no star points.  They are a deep purple and blend into the black in the picture. 

For some reason I feel this need to hunting for a Snickers bar.  #Some treats!!



Loving Lancaster

While on our way to Hershey, we usually drive through Lancaster and this trip was no exception.  I love Lancaster Co. Pa.  The drive is peaceful and off the beaten track – translation: We are not on the turnpikes.  Michaela and I have our usual haunts to visit and sometimes we pick up a new eatery or antique store or just something new.  This time….nothing new but it was enjoyable just the same.

Please don’t worry, I was driving and poor MIchaela was hanging out the window snapping shots for me.

We did visit our usual quilt shops: The Log Cabin and Zooks Fabric Store however we did not get a chance to go to Burkholders.  Honest, Burkholders is like a candy shop for fabric-aholics. You could spend hours there and believe me…I have. There are so many more shops you could spend days going to all the quilt shops. IMG_4932

I saw this in a shop in Kitchen Kettle.  Life is Good whenever you are shopping for fabric.

Happy Fabric Shopping


Snow White and Black Cats

I don’t know about you but when I sew I usually have the TV running to keep me company.  Sometimes I have music playing but I do find I need to “switch eyes” and just take a minute away from the fabric and then re-focus.

IMG_4889Today I find myself listening/watching Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (my usual is Fixer Upper-I love Joanna’s style) and constructing Lori Holt’s Barn Cat block. Sometimes you need an older movie to appreciate.  Don’t you just love the baseball wallpaper in my studio?  I confiscated Nick’s bedroom when he moved to the city. I’m ok with it. I was on the dining room table before I “moved” and had to pack up and put everything away at the beginning of November before the holidays and sewing was at a stand still until mid-January when unpacking commenced. So the baseballs are more than welcome to share my space.

The barn cats are being turned into black cats to replicate a quilt I saw on Pinterest.  I think they are super scary. I don’t think my newest Quality Control Officer is overly thrilled.

I think I just promoted my original Quality Control Officer to Director.  Wait until I tell her! She is currently downstairs doing administrator things!

Happy Sunday Sewing


Farm Girl Vintage: I was Thinking…

I have been looking for a project that is fun and “care free”. I went digging in the abyss of “the stash” and came across Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet’s Farm Girl Vintage.


How Fun!! I really fell in love with Lori’s block designs. I dug up all my 30’s repos -and there are A LOT! Good thing. The blocks are just so darn cute.

Inspired by the movie Julie and Julia, where Amy Adams, aka Julie, embarks on a yearlong quest to make 524 recipes from Julia Child’s Cookbook in one year and blog her journey, I thought it would be fun to reproduce the same thought with Lori’s Vintage Girl Farm. I have until the end of August as Michaela saw the book and sample block and declared it was hers! Both she and my sister remind me of the seagulls in “Finding Nemo”…Mine, Mine, Mine. She is however the agriculture major in the family, so hers it is.

First things first…the plan. Ok, here it is:

How big?? Lori has directions for 6” and 12” blocks. I want to complete all of the blocks (48 of them!). So, 6” blocks it is. That would make the ‘main’ quilt 43”x57” with 1” sashings. Ok, here is where it becomes a little sticky…Lori used an inner border, then flying geese, and then an outer border bringing the grand total to 62.5”x76.5”. When I looked at the picture I thought the flying geese were prairie points. Right?! Don’t they? I’m going to table this for now and revisit when the main part of the top is done.

That settled, totally scrappy or somewhat scrappy? Let’s walk on the wild side and use different whites and whites with small designs for the block backgrounds making it totally scrappy.

Now the hard part…time and which blocks first? Here is my thinking….I need to complete this by the end of August. If I finish 3 blocks a week –starting mid-March I should (now there is the opportune word – I have Crabtree’s Witches in progress and oh yeah, that thing called work that gets in the way of all my plans all the time. But it does pay for my QH -Quilting Habit) finish by mid-July allowing time to add borders, quilt, and bind by mid-August. I think this is pretty ambitious, but I’m going to give it the Old College Try.

I was going to follow the book and go in order, but I need some creative leeway. I’m going to go with the flow on this. Oh My Gosh, I’m totally living on the wild side.

Holy Moley-what a stash

I’ve got to go color organize all those fat quarters.


“Beadazzling” the Witches

I was at Sew What one Friday night and Claire “happened” to show everyone the new Mystery Quilt Series from Crab.apple Hill Studios: The Mystery of The Salem Witches’ Quilt Guilt.

I had seen a few quilting friends working on this type of project and I had wanted to give it a try and thought this was it! This is it! So much fun. After you trace the pattern onto your material you…are you ready?… color it! With crayons!!! Yes, crayons – as in Crayola. So much fun blending and coloring. After you color, you place a white paper towel over the colored areas and press with a hot iron. The wax melts and is absorbed by the paper towel leaving the pigment behind. It’s like magic!

Anyway, you all know that I have to usually always change or add something, in a pattern/kit: color, material…something. Well, I stayed true to the colors in the directions both crayon color and thread color. I was embroidering the first witch, Demelza Von Spellcaster, owner of the Magic Needle Quilt and Needlework Shop (I’m telling you this project is a hoot!), and had this wave come over me …deviate, deviate, deviate. I tried to resist but I couldn’t. I wanted to add some “witchy-ness” to her dress and thought black beads for her buttons instead of French Knots would be perfect. It is perfect.

The “buttons” are seed beads, size 15! and the brooch is a margarita bead. I picked up these beads at Bead Dazzle in Point Pleasant NJ. Liz was super helpful. I went in with my panel and explained to her what I wanted. She immediately found the right beads and showed me some alternative colors for the “other girls”.

This project is going to take me years – ok, maybe I’m exaggerating.

You can find the pattern at : Crabapple Hill Studio and you can check out Bead Dazzle at Bead Dazzle

XO- Annemarie

Summer Fun

The kids are either at school or finishing up their summer jobs and that means the house is nice and quiet. The weather here in Central NJ could not be any more picture perfect and you know what that means….Al Fresco sewing. I am working on a super sweet quilt “Hang to Dry” from Jeanne Large and Shelly Wicks book Here Comes Winter. I rarely buy books because, let’s face it there is usually only one project that interests me and I struggle to justify spending $25-$35 dollars for a book. However THIS book has lots of projects that I can see making. One is more cute than the other.


I was just informed by my quality control officer that I should stop chatting and get back to work while the weather is beautiful and that is just what I’m going to do.



Bottle Caps and Yo-Yo’s

Now that the summer is coming to a close and you have a hoard of bottle caps sitting in a zip-lock bag (Oh you don’t? After you see this you WILL begin to collect those bottle caps. You will even begin to solicit them from friends, family, and co-workers.)

Fussy cut a 2 1/4 – 2 1/2 circle to make a 1 1/4 inch finished yo-yo. Or you could use Clover’s “Quick” Yo-Yo-maker -size small.


Before pulling the threads to make the yo-yo, insert a bottle cap and then pull the threads to enclose the cap. Tack the yo-yo caps together to form any shape trivet you wish.

I haven’t tried the trivet yet, but I will use caution on my wood table as I don’t know if the weight of the item on top of the trivet will make a mark in the wood from the crimps of the bottle caps. Remember there is only a piece of material covering the sharp crimps of the cap. Also, you need to make sure the bottle cap itself in not bent from using the opening tool. Twist caps are best. Have fun!


“Little Cuties”

Check this out. I love finding “doo-dads” and this is pretty cool. I have no less than a thousand (ok, maybe not a thousand but pretty darn close) bobbin holder/keepers. I have the pink clamps you find all over, the rubberband thing-ie, the pedicure foamie thing, and a whole host of others. Hands down I think this the most clever. It is a stiff plastic clamp that fits in the main hole of the bobbin and then clicks into place when inserted into the spool of thread keeping the bobbin and spool together.


I don’t have to worry about putting the bobbin in a small zip-lock with the spool when traveling to class or free sew. I can just drop it into my tool box and go.I Sometimes I bounce a project between machines (yeah, yeah, I know for all out there yelling, “Argh – you need to stay with one machine for a project” – blah on you) so I thought having two bobbins would be cool. I tried – it only works with one bobbin. It was a good thought.

If found these little cuties on the counter when I was closing out my purchase at The Quilt Block in Exton, PA. I don’t know what tey are called but I’m sure if you contact the store – facebook.com/pages/The-Quilt-Block-Inc or http://www.quiltblockincfabric.com I’m sure they can help. I’m going to go wind some bobbins.