Measure Twice, Cut Once…

Or cut a bazillion times.

I am making Lori Holt’s black cat pattern –  you can find the pattern as a download from her blog – beeinmybonnet, – and as with Lori’s Vintage Farm blocks, this block has a gazillion pieces.  It also gives you the choice of a 6″ or 12″ block and I chose the 12″ (in the 6″ she wanted me to cut 7/8″ squares…ahh,  no! So 12″ it is!); the block has 5 sections and 26 pieces.   This would have been the perfect project to use my alphabet  pins ( see how I made those in a previous post) but I was cutting 3 at one time. So back to tiny pieces of paper and pins.

Did you notice my horrible habit?? I tend to leave the blade open -Yikes. I get yelled at at the shop all the time (and with good reason)

To be fair, there is only one completed block cut -well that’s not even true – the cat is completely cut, but is missing the background (which by the way has 11 pieces).  I am trying to get as much cut as I can before  ‘Sew What’ at Mouse Creek. It is nearly impossible to concentrate and cut all these pieces with conversations amuck but then again, I was watching Pioneer Woman and had to re-cut several  pieces.  Listening  to her recipe on Chocolate Pecan Treats and cutting is just as bad as cutting at ‘Sew What’s’.

Now that summer is here, and school is out, I hope to finish (and start and finish) some projects.  What are you working on this summer.  Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Summer Sewing
XO Annemarie



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