It’s Crystal Clear

Ok, Maybe not crystal but definitely glass.  I have been a fan of Simon Pearce’s glass for many years and was devastated when the Princeton retail shop closed several years ago. So what is a girl to do when she neeeeeds glassware (besides going online and ordering)?  Absolutely! Head for Vermont!  Quenched, VT.  The retail store is located upstairs with an aaaamazing restaurant and bar.  The bartender was super nice and when I asked him for something refreshing he made me a Lavendar Lemon Collins.  To say is was delicious is an understatement.

In the workshop downstairs, the glass blowers are equally as nice answering any questions (and you know I had a bazillion!) and spending so much time with the customers/tourists. It is pretty toasty with the furnaces going but they have giant fans to help cool things down.

From the restaurant (you MUST order the broccoli cheddar soup) you get a birds eye view of the beautiful falls that just so happens to power the entire building with hydroelectric power!  Super green company.

What you may not know is Simon and Pia’s son Kevin was involved in a terrible snowboarding accident while preparing for the 2010 Olympics which left him with Traumatic Brain Injury in 2009.  You can purchase glass designs from the Love Your Brain Collection at  if you cannot make it up to Vermont. Proceeds from each of these designs go toward Kevin’s nonprofit, founded to promote a mindful approach to brain injury prevention and recovery.



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