Farm Girl Vintage: Pinning the Pieces

When I was constructing the sample block for my Farm Girl Vintage quilt, I found there were a lot of little pieces. I know some people cut, sew, cut , sew, but my brain doesn’t work like that. I like to cut all pieces needed first, and then sew. That created a heck of an organizational mess with 12+


different size pieces with multiples of some and some in the same color. I cut some sticky notes and labeled/pinned each size. The little pieces of paper were getting blown around my work station or I was forgetting to pin the label back on the pile when I used a piece.

As my daughter would say, “What a hot mess!”

I remember seeing a project where a corsage pin was used and alphabet beads were added along with some bling beads. So off to Michael’s I went. What is so special about Michael’s? I had a coupon. Have you been to the craft stores lately? Their bead/jewelry section is on steroids. I quickly – ok, the pins and alphabet beads were quickly, the bling beads…not so quickly – found what I needed and left before I was sucked into the void of the craft store. It goes something like this: “I went in for one thing and $100 later…” I know you can relate

Here’s what I picked up:                  Here’s what did:

Decide in what order you would like to put your beads on. Remember the more beads, the less pin room. Dab a small amount of glue on the pin right next to the corsage pearl. Don’t get too close – the glue will drip out onto your bead. Slide your bead on and hold for a second or two. I laid them down on a paper plate incase any glue leaked.

I made an extra set for my friend Carol at Sew What Friday who is also making this quilt. I experimented and used bling corsage pins for her set. Now all there is to do is to see if these little darlings are better than sticky notes (they sure look better!).

Happy Sewing
XO – Annemarie




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