“Beadazzling” the Witches

I was at Sew What one Friday night and Claire “happened” to show everyone the new Mystery Quilt Series from Crab.apple Hill Studios: The Mystery of The Salem Witches’ Quilt Guilt.

I had seen a few quilting friends working on this type of project and I had wanted to give it a try and thought this was it! This is it! So much fun. After you trace the pattern onto your material you…are you ready?… color it! With crayons!!! Yes, crayons – as in Crayola. So much fun blending and coloring. After you color, you place a white paper towel over the colored areas and press with a hot iron. The wax melts and is absorbed by the paper towel leaving the pigment behind. It’s like magic!

Anyway, you all know that I have to usually always change or add something, in a pattern/kit: color, material…something. Well, I stayed true to the colors in the directions both crayon color and thread color. I was embroidering the first witch, Demelza Von Spellcaster, owner of the Magic Needle Quilt and Needlework Shop (I’m telling you this project is a hoot!), and had this wave come over me …deviate, deviate, deviate. I tried to resist but I couldn’t. I wanted to add some “witchy-ness” to her dress and thought black beads for her buttons instead of French Knots would be perfect. It is perfect.

The “buttons” are seed beads, size 15! and the brooch is a margarita bead. I picked up these beads at Bead Dazzle in Point Pleasant NJ. Liz was super helpful. I went in with my panel and explained to her what I wanted. She immediately found the right beads and showed me some alternative colors for the “other girls”.

This project is going to take me years – ok, maybe I’m exaggerating.

You can find the pattern at : Crabapple Hill Studio and you can check out Bead Dazzle at Bead Dazzle

XO- Annemarie


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