No Sewing Today

So here is proof that grocery shopping is bad for your health. Well, not the actual grocery shopping itself, rather taking the bags out of the car is bad for you.


There is this small lip delineating my garage from the driveway where the garage door comes down. My foot was half in the garage and half off the lip and … down I went. Groceries all over! The doctor said it is an “inversion injury” and I should be up and about in a few days but it is going to take several weeks to heal.

Now, “regular’ people ask the question, “When can I drive?”. You know it’s coming…wait for it… I ask, “When can I sew?” It is my right foot and although I can probably drive my car with 2 feet ( past standard/clutch experience sure comes in handy) I’m having a hard time regulating the foot controller/pedal. I see some hand work in my near future.

The upside of all this is the kids are waiting on me hand and foot…pun intended! Downside is I’m stuck on the couch or chair and even though I’m home from work, I can’t do anything or go anywhere. Bummer!

This is a good time to catch up on all those programs I’ve DVR’d.



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