Counting “Down”ton!

I can’t wait until Downton Abby tonight however, I am so very sad for the last season to begin. I have been Downton Marathon-ing the past 4 days thanks to PBS that has been running the entire series over the weekend. It’s very far and between to find a TV series that is elegant and entertaining and the characters are believable. The twists certainly kept me on my toes and for a while no favorite character was “safe” from getting axed. I found myself trying not to have a favorite character afraid that Julian Fellows would hear me and I would never see that character again.

I was definitely born in the wrong era. I don’t know how I feel about all the “rules” of the EdwardianI period and lack of modern amenities but I do know I absolutely love the dresses and the costuming is exquisite. What I wouldn’t give to have Lady Mary’s wardrobe-so jealous! How much fun it must be for Michele Dockery and Elizabeth McGovern to dress up for work. And there is of course, “poor Edith”. What else can the writers concoct to make Edith’s life any more miserable. My favorite character, of course, is the Dowager Countess. She is so sharp and quick on the uptake. Nothing gets passed her.

My family knows, baring from the house burning down around me, under no circumstance are they allowed to talk me, ask me any question, or interact with me.

Happy Viewing!
XO- Annemarie


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