“Stary, Stary, Points”

I love the look of primitive quilting especially in wool and flannel. The one thing I really don’t like is they usually include a whole bunch of stars. Sometimes I will even pass on a design/pattern because of the amount of stars to applique. Those points!! I wonder if Van Gogh had as much trouble painting all those stars as I have appliquéing them. I have used several techniques and tips from friends over past projects, and I have never felt like I have achieved “the point”. That is until now.

Here’s what I do:


I tack down each point separately with one stitch securing it in the back with a granny knot. I usually start at the tip of the point in the background material and then insert it into the material. I find it easier when working with a material that frays, like flannel, to come up in the star itself and insert the needle into the background material at the point. This keeps the fraying at a minimum.


I do this for all the points of the star. Do not pull too tight. This will cause the point to buckle.


Then to start a buttonhole stitch, I come up on the right side of the point thread and pretend that the point stitch is the first stitch in a buttonhole. I then continue stitching until I come to the next point in the star.


I insert the needle to the left side of the point stitch thread and come up on the right side. (ooh, I really do need a manicure!). It’s like ending and beginning in the middle of a row when you run out of thread.


It gives me a perfect point every time. Yeah, it might not be the conventional way, but you cannot argue with the result. I don’t know how this will work with thinner materials, if the knots would be a problem or not – I haven’t tried it.

On to more points!! Vincent would be so proud!




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