“Little Cuties”

Check this out. I love finding “doo-dads” and this is pretty cool. I have no less than a thousand (ok, maybe not a thousand but pretty darn close) bobbin holder/keepers. I have the pink clamps you find all over, the rubberband thing-ie, the pedicure foamie thing, and a whole host of others. Hands down I think this the most clever. It is a stiff plastic clamp that fits in the main hole of the bobbin and then clicks into place when inserted into the spool of thread keeping the bobbin and spool together.


I don’t have to worry about putting the bobbin in a small zip-lock with the spool when traveling to class or free sew. I can just drop it into my tool box and go.I Sometimes I bounce a project between machines (yeah, yeah, I know for all out there yelling, “Argh – you need to stay with one machine for a project” – blah on you) so I thought having two bobbins would be cool. I tried – it only works with one bobbin. It was a good thought.

If found these little cuties on the counter when I was closing out my purchase at The Quilt Block in Exton, PA. I don’t know what tey are called but I’m sure if you contact the store – facebook.com/pages/The-Quilt-Block-Inc or http://www.quiltblockincfabric.com I’m sure they can help. I’m going to go wind some bobbins.




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