Featherweight Flip Flop Foot

Summertime is Flip-Flop weather, so I decided to change up my featherweight feet too!

While at Quilt Odyssey, I took a workshop with Betty Neff. To me, Betty is the guru of featherweights. I inherited my featherweight from my good friend, Terri, with all the bells and whistles along with it. If you have ever looked at the featherweight attachments, some of them look like medieval torture devices. Even with the instructions I had no idea how to use them. Hence, Betty to the rescue! She demonstrated the contraptions (take a look at the ruffler-now that’s a contraption) that were sold with the featherweight as well as some that you could buy separately (buttonhole maker – this is super cool!)

My favorite attachment she demonstrated was the Foot Hemmer!


What a nifty little gizmo! I wish I knew about this when I was making my daughter’s jumpers and her American Girl doll outfits. Some “tricks” that Betty shared in using this useful gadget:

Make a 1/8″ fold at the start of the hem. Fold again.
Lift the foot and insert the folded material under the foot. Lower the needle into the material.
Lower the foot and take 2-3 stitches.
Leaving the needle in the material, lift the foot and wiggle the material at an angle into the Hemmer (you will see the raw edge. This is ok, the foot will make the fold).
Lower the foot and stitch away.
It makes such an awesome little hem.


Imagine no more measuring/folding, ironing, measuring/folding, stitching! I had made some placemats last summer and I didn’t have any napkins to go with them…until last night. Using this foot, I made 8 napkins in less than 2 hours. I’m sure someone is out there saying, “Two hours!! Yikes! 30 minutes at the most!” Hey! Everything takes practice!

I am sure other sewing machines have a similar attachment. Grab your instructions and check it out! If you would like to visit Betty’s web page, Google: Pennsylvania Quilter or http://www.bettyneff.com

Happy Hemming!




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