Trying Something Old/New


I have to admit I am a self-described Pinterest-aholic! I can spend hours browsing through the creativeness of some folks. I was excited to come across a tutorial for binding quilts by machine. I always stayed away from machine binding because I always thought it did not look neat and even. That said, I was very excited to try this new “way”. Thing is I had to purchase a foot I did not own. Has anyone heard of a Flat Felled Foot? Neither did I. I went on the hunt for this foot and was flabbergasted at the price…anywhere from $50-$74. I could not justify the purchase. Wait. You know it’s coming….A few weeks ago I was in my local quilt shop and what do you know?? Summer sale/Bernina accessory sale. Do I really need to tell you? So I finally got around to trying this out.

I wasn’t totally unhappy with my results (mostly because the quilt I was practicing on had other practice techniques) but the same issue of machine binding arouse….the unevenness…or what appears to be uneven. The stitch line is super even, but when viewed rom the front the stitches are either on the binding itself, missed the binding and is showing on the quilt itself, or is perfect in the ditch.

Good news…the back looks awesome!

This attachment has potential and I do think I will try this technique again…practice makes perfect. You can check out the tutorial at: The tutorial was well explained and the pictures were very helpful. You can view my finished quilt, Stars, Bars, and Swirls under “My Quilts”.



to come across a truorial posted on A Woman a Day blog by Lisa Yarost.



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